Visualize Bacteria in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with the MolecuLight i:X™

The MolecuLight i:X Imaging Device can visualize active extraction of bacteria via a negative pressure vacuum pump* under the sealed wound dressing.

Immediately Prior to NPWT Removal
Immediately Prior to NPWT Removal
Wound Bed Underlying NPWT Device
Wound Bed Underlying NPWT Device
Images taken in Fluorescence Imaging ModeTM. Presence of bacteria indicated by red color.

Wound Etiology
  • Pressure ulcer
Anatomical Location
  • Left hip
Patient Demographics
  • Female, 80 years old
Patient-Related Challenges
  • Deep, infected wound
  • Patient has limited mobility
Patient’s General Care Paradigm
  • Hospital-grade negative pressure wound therapy
  • Constant instillation and removal of wound cleansing fluid
Images provided by Rose Raizman RN, Rouge Valley Health System, ON, Canada
MolecuLight Clinical Case 0034

*Part of routine clinical wound treatment process