Track Wound Size and Bacterial Presence with the MolecuLight i:X™

Clinical Synopsis: Chronic, non-adherent venous leg ulcer (VLU) patient presented with an 11 cm2 wound with red regions on fluorescence images indicating bacterial contamination. After five weeks of treatment with antimicrobials and compression, wound area had reduced by 37% and bioburden was no longer visible in or around the wound.

Standard Imaging ModeTM track-wound-size-and-bacterial-presence-std-imaging-mode-week-1 track-wound-size-and-bacterial-presence-std-imaging-mode-week-4 track-wound-size-and-bacterial-presence-std-imaging-mode-week-5
Fluorescence Imaging ModeTM track-wound-size-and-bacterial-presence-fluorescence-imaging-mode-week-1 track-wound-size-and-bacterial-presence-fluorescence-imaging-mode-week-4 track-wound-size-and-bacterial-presence-fluorescence-imaging-mode-week-5
Week 1 Week 4 Week 5
Bacteria indicated by regions of red fluorescence (arrows)

Wound Etiology and Location
  • Venous leg ulcer, left leg
Patient Demographics
  • Female, 74 years old
Patient Specific Challenges
  • Chronic, repeat VLU patient
  • Refuses maintenance compression stockings
  • Refuses home care for dressing changes
Patient’s General Care Paradigm
  • Antimicrobial powder
  • Compression bandages
Images provided by Rose Raizman RN-EC, MSc, Rouge Valley Health System, ON, Canada
MolecuLight Clinical Case 0051.