Dr Eric Blackman, M.D from Wound Care and Hyperbaric Clinic

The MolecuLight i:X has improved my ability to accurately sample a wound by highlighting regions of the wound and periwound with high bacterial load, that otherwise would have been undetected. I have confirmed high correlation between the bacterial fluorescence and resultant microbiology swab results in 30 wounds. With more accurate sampling, I can be more confident I am achieving an accurate assessment of the wound and therefore can optimize my wound treatment including appropriate selection of dressings and/or antimicrobials. Using the MolecuLight i:X has helped me to be more efficient in my wound evaluation protocols, which will benefit both my practice and my patients.

I have also found that my patients are just as interested in seeing the fluorescence images of their wounds each week from the MolecuLight i:X as I am. I can see this device improving patient adherence to treatment because it provides visual evidence that the wound care is decreasing the bacterial load in their wounds, which is critical to the healing process.

Eric Blackman, M.D
Orthopedic Surgeon
Wound Care and Hyperbaric Clinic
St. Catharines, ON Canada