56 year old female (lymphedema)

"Before, we knew about the bacteria, but we didn't know where it was. After the clinician showed us the pictures, we know where it grows, where it stays, and where we have to clean the bacteria. So it [the MolecuLight i:X] is helpful because before we were not aware of where the bacteria was. We found out that the creases have bacteria. Bacteria travel from the crease and onto the wound. Before this we knew she had bacterial infection and we cleaned, but obviously we didn't know if it was properly cleaned or not clean, so it [the MolecuLight i:X] is a helpful device for us because it allows us to focus on problematic areas."

"Nurses visiting at home (CCAC), especially the wound care nurses, should carry this device. It is helpful for the patient as well as for the nurse."

Testimonial from the Patient's Caregiver (Husband)