Point-of-Care Autofluorescence Imaging for Real-Time Sampling and Treatment Guidance of Bioburden in Chronic Wounds: First-in-Human Results

Journal: PLOS ONE
Authors: Ralph S. DaCosta, Iris Kulbatski, Liis Lindvere-Teene, Danielle Starr, Kristina Blackmore, Jason I. Silver, Julie Opoku, Yichao Charlie Wu, Philip J. Medeiros, Wei Xu, Lizhen Xu, Brian C. Wilson, Cheryl Rosen, Ron Linden
Published Date: February 2015
Traditionally, chronic wound infection is diagnosed by visual inspection under white light and microbiological sampling, which are subjective and suboptimal, respectively, thereby delaying diagnosis and treatment. To address this, we developed a novel handheld, fluorescence imaging device (PRODIGI) that enables non-contact, real-time, high-resolution visualization and differentiation of key pathogenic bacteria through their endogenous autofluorescence, as well as connective tissues in wounds.
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