Optimizing NPWT Treatment Selection with the
MolecuLight i:X™

Note: The MolecuLight i:XTM Imaging Device is available in Canada and the European Union. US FDA De Novo approval pending.

Instillation NPWT devices cleanse the wound bed to create an optimal healing environment, while standard NPWT devices promote wound granulation and closure but do not cleanse the wound. Clinicians must weigh the relative benefits of these NPWT options at various stages in the healing process.

Clinical Synopsis: In this patient, MolecuLight i:X images revealed heavily contaminated standard NPWT dressings and foam 24-hours prior to a scheduled dressing change. These images prompted early removal of these dressings and a switch to an instillation NPWT device.

Standard NPWT device under dressing

NPWT foam

Wound Bed

Presence of bacteria indicated by red color.

Wound Etiology
  • Pressure Ulcer
Anatomical Location
  • Sacrum
Patient Demographics
  • Female, 88 years old
Patient-Related Challenges
  • Heavy bioburden
Patient’s General Care Paradigm
  • Hospital grade standard NPWT changed every 3 days
Clinician Stated Utility of the MolecuLight i:X
  • Detected heavy bacterial load after only 2 days, prompting early removal and switch to an instillation NPWT device
Images provided by Rose Raizman RN-EC, MSc, Rouge Valley Health System, ON, Canada
MolecuLight Clinical Case 0041b.