54 year old female (Surgical site infection)

“I had polyps that were changing, big ones, so they did the operation and took out a piece of the bowel… they realized afterwards I was building up a fever and I had to be operated on again because [the bowel] was leaking into me. Afterwards, that’s when you start thinking about the bacteria. It’s good to know this device is out there.

“I was very very happy to hear when the bacteria was going away, and when there was no bacteria there. It was really comforting to know that there is a device out there that can detect that and so bacteria can be seen and dealt with, so it was a great thing for me, actually. Because you leave here and you don’t think ‘what if’, you know for sure that there was a little bit of infection, then the next time you know there is less infection, then you know it is gone and that is very comforting. Yes.

Patient from Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS)
Toronto, ON, Canada